unleash-a-more-beautiful-web1When show a customer their new web design, we insist they do not use Internet Explorer (IE). Using the obsolescent web browser to view a new website is the equivalent of viewing Avatar without the 3D glasses; the movie is still visible, but it is not as enjoyable. Therefore, this article is written to the business entrepreneur, parent or non-tech web user who simply used IE as a default. 

1. Tech-Geeks Don’t Use IE, so neither shall you. Any web designers and/or technology experts in the family? Next time you run into someone, ask them if they use internet explorer? I bet you won’t find anyone working in the business using IE. On the contrary, they will be sure to give you a sermon along the lines of, “Chrome is my Shepherd”,  “A New Browser and a New Way”, “The Wrath of IE”.  If you do ask and they say yes, please send them our way.

2. Viruses, Scams & Hacker Attacks, have any friends or family been helping you remove spyware from your computer recently? Did you happen to be using IE? In 2008 a malignant security flaw was found in all versions of Microsoft’s IE. It quickly spread around the globe and affected millions of users. Hackers especially like to use IE to break into your PC, so the best way to protect yourself from hacker scams is at the main point of entry, change your web browser. While there has been some improvement (not much) since then, the easiest way to keep your computer safe is to stop using IE and install Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome (see below for links). This is especially important for tasks like internet banking and buying stuff online.

3. Technology & Innovation, do you care about it?   I bet you want to be using the latest web technology when you browse the web. Not only will other browsers warn you if you are loading a potentially harmful site, they save you time by loading faster and offering you amazing tools and add-ons to enhance your internet experience. For the last ten years Microsoft has refused to add plug-ins (extensions that help the browser to be more web friendly). This means while browsers like Firefox and Chrome allow third-party programs to collaborate, IE while not allowing  third-party users to add features completely stagnated their usability. Hence why tech-geeks (those people with the thick glasses and pencil holders) claw their hair screaming.

4. Usability, though IE9 has has learned some trends from its competitors, it is still not up to par. When a web design agency has made their customers a glorious, functional webpage and it is then opened up through IE, there is always the chance  the webpage will still look clunky. Of course, designers can make it work properly in the IE browser, the point is, they shouldn’t have to. The fact is that IE still ignores common internet standards which makes it bothersome for the developer to provide the end-user a great experience (E.g. CSS3 Transform, valuable tools to improve usability and online forms)

Conclusion: Don’t use it just because it is in your computer by default, especially when you can download so many other great web browsers out there!

Download Firefox

Download Chrome