Magento 1 End of life Options

* Optimise continues to operate at full capacity and efficiency during the outbreak of COVID-19

In June 2020 Magento one sites will no longer be supported.

This puts the site at risk of Security breaches due to no more updates by developers.

There will also be no more improvements to core functionality, this may result in your website falling behind your competitors.



Shopify is a well known brand with lots of plugins to enable an easy integration. Shopify is highly secure and very user friendly.


WordPress is a flexible open source software that can be customised to fit any brand. Over 30% of websites use WordPress

Magento 2

Improved speed and performance along with better mobile functionality and cheaper module upgrades 

Can you stay on Magento 1 ?

Not everyone needs the beneficial Magento 2 features or have the budget to migrate to another platform. Staying on Magento 1 is still an option for businesses who won’t benefit from the latest features and feel comfortable with what they already have. We think it is possible that in third-party developers will provide community-based improvements and security patches to the platform after June 2020.

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