Puji Furniture: Puji Ltd is a London based company specialising in the design and import of recycled hard wood furniture such as Teak and Oak. The Puji dream began when design graduate Jimmy Loannou decided after having successfully worked in the furniture industry for many years that he wanted to begin creating his own exclusive range.  He wanted to help people create a living space that would be inspiring, functional and tranquil by offering products that will complement existing design and furniture.


Puji.com was built using Drupal and Zen Cart. The website was attracting many visitors, but the site’s bounce rate was very high and it wasn’t generating enough sales. The site’s layout and usability were quite outdated and required a complete rethink.


Harnessing the power of the Magento eCommerce platform, we re-strategized / re-designed / re-built the whole website.


Puji is a medium sized company with a good reputation in the furniture industry. Jimmy Ioannou (owner of Puji Ltd.) was involved in all aspects of the business from buying stock  to marketing and sales but realised that the website required a lot of time and they needed a specialist to take control of the website side of the business.

Puji’s first online store provided limited flexibility for their high demands and was becoming increasingly expensive to maintain. Jimmy also realised his site was not adequately prepared for the challenge of online purchases. Having heard about the growing popularity of the eCommerce software Magento, Puji approached Optimise Web’s parent company, Optimise Solutions Ltd., for advice.

“We had lots of interesting ideas for Puji. Initially the workload was quite a bit to handle but as Puji was already a respected client we really worked hard to push through to make sure that their new website stood out from competitors and increased online sales beyond expectations.” – Adrian, Developer

Optimise Web went through with the strategy, design, usability, test and updates for all of Puji’s eCommerce needs. The project took eight months. Notwithstanding the result was outstanding, Puji had tripled their yearly revenue within three months of the website launch!

The hard work and Magento development put into Puji paid off as an example for other furniture companies. The results were so outstanding that two of Puji’s competitors quickly went to Optimise Web asking about Magento.

“One of my furniture clients asked me if it was ethical to work with competitors. I always tell them, the competitors are not your neighbours in the business park, the threat comes from the multinational giants. Having developed Magento particularly for small and medium sized companies in the furniture industry, we really understand how to cater to their particular needs” – Sid, Project Manager

For Puji the real value in using Magento as a platform is seen directly in their profits. In a three month period they increased their online sales more than 50%, wayover and above their expectations.

Puji now appears on Google page one for the following keywords:

Indonesian Furniture, Light Teak Furniture, Oriental Bedroom Furniture, Reclaimed Teak Furniture, Dark Wood Furniture, Contemporary Home Furniture, Chinese Furniture, Contemporary Home Lighting, Chunky Furniture and many other words!


Following the success of the eCommerce website revamp project, Puji has now appointed Optimise Web as their Website Design & SEO choice.

I would write thousand testimonals about the commitment and service Optimise Web have offered. I feel very secure in the knowledge that Optimise Web will be hosting and maintaining our website. – Marian Constantinou, Puji Ltd