With each year there are more great e-commerce development technologies available alongside Magento eCommerce software. Below we offer a few examples of furniture websites which are great examples of Magento store development and customisation. You may wish to use these furniture websites to model your own eCommerce store off of, so here we explain the few examples of bespoke Magento customisations made by the Optimise Web team.

Magento Classic Website

The Puji Homepage shows all main categories. This website is a representation of what Magento is most commonly used for: good categorisation and navigation. It also serves as a good example of what can be achieved with Magento software.


puji (1)


Magento Customisation: Banner Slideshow

The slideshow module shows various banner ads on the homepage in where the website owner can manage images to the slideshow in the admin back end. This particular page includes four different banner ads.




Magento Customisation: Tabs

This feature packs a lot of content into page in a neat and easy way. Here a user can view Delivery Charges, Deposit Info, Assembly and Materials and Related Articles within one content box.



Magento Customisation: Request a call back

If a potential customer likes a product, this button allows them to leave their details so that the store can get back to the customer request on that particular item. This customisation then sends out an email to the administrator and includes details of the product the customer was viewing when they clicked the button to open the form.




Magento Customisation: Modify it with Bespoke

If a customer likes a particular product but would like to change the size, this option allows them to specify the length, width and height of the piece of furniture.




Magento Customisation: Product Zoom Widget

As the browser scrolls the mouse over the product image, it offers an enlarged view of a product.




Magento Customisation: Auto-related Products

The auto related products feature populates itself if no related products are specified in the back end. Otherwise, it shows other products that the browser might be interested in. Seen here as “You may also like…”




Magento Customisation: Gift List

The gift list is a special custom search funtion that allows a search for list-holders names. This particular item is custom written and it has proved a worthwhile feature for the Raft website.




The above listed are all Optimise Web customisations which enhance the Magento software for your eCommerce store. The goal of Magento is to provide store owners an outstandingly wide range of flexibility and control over the look, content, and functionality of an Online Store.