We recently compiled a list of best open source eCommerce packages. It seems our testimony to the power of Magento software is authenticated with the recent acquisition of Magento by eBay. Likewise eBay has done its homework, statistics show that Magento has been steadily growing as the number one eCommerce platform.

Google Trend Statistics – Magento against its main competitors:



Scale is based on the average worldwide traffic of magento in all years.

  • OScommerce (2000): started in Germany it was the first popular online store-management software program.
  • Zencart (2005): A few years later Zencart differed in that they offered a template system and included some additional features.
  • Magento (2008): Magento was launched by the OSCommerce owners as an alternative to re-write OScommerce (as Magento) rather than discontinue it.
  • Prestashop (2007): Prestashop was launched in France for use by small and medium businesses.

With the launch of each new eCommerce platform Magento  has so far proven to be the most sophisticated for online retail and continued growth. Ebay, traditionally just buying and selling products will now have the ability to manage the entire online process of developing, marketing and selling products and services.

Now we can expect to see eBay trying to be the go-to resource for online and offline retailers, helping them connect to consumers.

eBay* in Numbers:

  • $2 billion – the amount generated in global mobile sales in 2010 – more than three times the mobile gross merchandise value in 2009.
  • 1 per second – the number of purchases made every second through eBay’s mobile apps.
  • 94 per minute – the number of bids average users make.
  • 3 to 4 Ferraris are bought every month through eBay’s mobile apps.
  • 1/3 – UK and Germany combined generated neraly a third of all eBay’s mobile sales in 2010

* eBay Stats by Mobile Commerce Daily and TechCrunch, January 2011 from Google insights