Magento Hosting


Our state of the art servers offer unrivalled power to our customers. Virtually unlimited data and processing power at your disposal.


Security is our top priority. We ensure your data is kept safe and your website transfers sensitive information securely. Peace of mind guaranteed.



All of our servers are managed around the clock by a team of professional system administrators at TSO Host and offer 99.9% uptime.

Plans and Pricing

Our hosting plans are really simple to understand. There are no bandwidth limitations, or fair usage policies. You deserve the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any data usage restrictions?

We do not restrict your bandwidth usage. That means your website will always be served to your customers regardless of your monthly traffic.

We also won’t restrict your storage space. However if your website exceeds your plan limit, we will contact you to discuss a more suitable package.

Are there any resource restrictions?

Your website will be hosted on our most powerful server. Although it shares resources with other websites, the amount of memory and processing power available to you is virtually unlimited.

Can you host my existing website?

Yes! We offer migration and support services for your existing Magento website. Move your website to us and find out what you have been missing this whole time :)!

Can I upgrade my plan at a later stage?

Yes, you can upgrade your package at any time. We prefer your website to grow when your business grows.

Which plan is most suitable for my website?

Our ‘Standard’ hosting package tick all the boxes for your Magento shop on day one. It allows you to start selling online with confidence.

As your product collection grows, so does your database and media library. A large amount of images that need to be served on a daily basis consumes more disk space, and therefore needs a more suitable plan to cater to your customers. You should choose the ‘Advanced’ plan. You will also benefit from free access to a collection of our modules.

For medium to large size businesses we recommend our most popular ‘Pro’ package. This plan offers you enough space to host a library of high resolution images, catalogs, brochures and other types of publications. Your ever growing database of products, orders and customers needs higher volumes of space available to keep performing at the highest standard. The ‘Pro’ package comes with a wordpress integration out of the box so you can engage with your audience

Host with us.

There is more than meets the eye to Magento Hosting. Find out what we do to make sure our service is the best.