John is the owner of a toy retailer and wants his website to appear on the first page of Google UK for the keyword “toys”. The first thing that we explained to John is that he is competing against industry giants with millions to spend on marketing activities to achieve their page-one rankings.

For us, or any SEO company, to be able to put John’s website on par with these giants is not possible without a tough fight, and a good marketing budget. As long as you are willing to trust in us and provide us with the right amount of time and budget, we will fight for your website to be on page one.

Unfortunately for small business owners, there are SEO companies out there that give a blind page-one guarantee on any keyword, just to get your business on their portfolio.

We do not work like this.

Google has dictated that no SEO company can give guarantees for a page-one ranking. We as SEO specialists can only follow Google’s guidelines and play within the boundaries set by Google. No SEO company will  know how Google ranking algorithms work and for this very reason SEO companies cannot accurately predict the outcome of their SEO activities. Additionally, Google constantly updates their algorithms; a recent update called Google Panda negatively ranked even some of the big name websites from their SEO malpractices.

We understand that every business owner’s dream is to see their website appear on the first page of Google. It is also our dream to get our customers on on page-one. As an ethical SEO company we only guarantee to give a page one listing for keywords on a realistic level.