Optimise Web is proud to sponsor the Social Innovation Camp weekend, taking place from the 17th-19th of June at the University of Edinburgh School of Informatics.

The Social Innovation Camps motto is:

“Tackle Social Isolation with Technology”

The weekend meet-up will bring together technical minded people and social entrepreneurs in order to provide simple web and mobile tools to help those with pressing social needs connect. Some people might be from geographically dislocated areas, have illness, be elderly, etc. It also aims to provide online services that could report crime,  promote recycling, and address other increasingly important themes. If you are interested to read further about Social Innovation Camp, please visit the SIE website.

Optimise Web will offer a £1000 value promotional and marketing video. This video will aim at attracting potential investors, promoting the idea, and inform the public of social change. We will provide a dynamic and professional script and will make sure that the content is presented creatively and effectively.

1. Optimise Web will attend the pitching event at 4PM on the 19th of June

2. We will then collaborate with the first-prize winner on a given day from 9AM to 1PM, on filming their video pitch/interview (on a location within Edinburgh)

3. Provide a day’s editing and post-production time

Please read the press release for more information
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