Verty Furniture makes Indian Wood Furniture which is hand made by skilled craftsmen in India. All their furniture uses sustainable wood from renewal sources and is sold through the Verty Furniture website.


Verty Furniture wanted to improve their search engine rankings on Google. Their previous website was written as a custom written eCommerce site and their URL’s were not very search engine friendly. Rather than a clean category name, their URL’s were a bunch of ID’s and numbers.

For example:


We redeveloped the website, recoding everything through Magento. Currently all of their URL’s now are clean and search engine friendly.

Their new URL now looks like:

Due to a tight budget, Verty did not want a redesign of their website, however we were able to make some amendments to the Verty homepage to make it more marketable.

We included some Call to Action links.


The homepage also had no visible products on it, so we included product images.


We also integrated their site with Paypal using a special Magento shipping model.  We added upsell and fixed the site so that products could be shown in more than one category.