With the recent rise of conducting business online more and more businesses find the need to invest in a good eCommerce site. We recently provided some advice on the best open source eCommerce software that are available for UK retailers.

The most popular eCommerce website development software is Magento. It’s claim to fame: Magento has replaced the word eCommerce in Google search and more recently been acquired by eBay.

If you do decide to work with a Magento developer, here are a few tips to consider:

  • Portfolio: Check out the Magento websites designed and built by the development team. If you like their work, it could be a good match! Choose a site that you like from their portfolio and ask how much it cost to build a similar website. Remember, a clean, fresh, modern, simple but functional and user-friendly site will work best for your business.
  • Magento Upgrades & Extensions: Make sure that the Magento provider not only builds Magento websites, but also develops extensions and add-ons. As your business grows you’ll need to add new features and functionality to the website.
  • Price: Most developers are pretty upfront about the costs to develop an eCommerce site, but they can only quote you a ballpark cost, depending on how much info you provide them! Be sure to write into the enquiry box a detailed brief of the website you are wanting. Mention how many content pages you would require and an approximate number of products you’d like to sell. With this info the Magento company should be able to give you an accurate quote.
  • Hosting: A decent shared hosting package will cost about £10 a month. The disadvantage with shared hosting is that your website will be one among 1000 other websites. This could cause your website to be slow and have a negative effect on your search rankings. Ask if the company have their own dedicated server where they will host your website.  This ensures that your IP address remains unique, clean and guarded.
  • Location: Simply said, outsourcing your website to any Magento developers outside of your country might cause time-delay problems and misunderstood communication. Using  a UK Magento developer  (or a Magento developer in the same region, i.e. Western Europe) might minimize the psychic-distance.
  • Ongoing Website Management: Not done for free, see if the company can offer a deal on SEO strategy and ongoing requirements for banners, email campaigns, custom development and other marketing activities.