If your currently undergoing eCommerce development or website design for an existing or new business, being aware of internet modus operandi will result in more informed decision making when it comes to hiring a SEO and internet marketing professional for your digital strategy. As the internet is already inundated with advertising, making sure your business will stand-out not only requires a unique selling point but effective online marketing and research.

Keyword Tool:

If you want your business to make money online then you will need to understand the niche and relevant keywords with regard to your industry. One of the most essential tools on the web for this is a keyword tool. At a very basic level, words on your category pages determine what traffic you will get from Google which is why its important for you to provide relevant content with the correct keywords to your web developer.

Using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool for keyword research is one of the most important components of effective online marketing. You must find relevant phrases that people actually type into the search engine. This will build the bridge between your products and helping people find your eCommerce shop.

Google Insights for Search

Google Insights for Search is a fantastic research tool which aids in marketing research. It can help you determine when to run advertising messages, examine seasonality of your product, create a brand association or determine a new market. Google offers various videos and blogs on the tool to help answer how to use insights for search.

AdWords or Pay-Per-Click (PPC):

Once you know your keywords, think about developing an adwords campaign with your marketer. Adwords is an automated auction where you write an advert using relevant keywords (a word being “Googled” which will trigger your ad) and the ads with keywords related to the search are put into an auction. Winning ads will appear on the top of the page, and an interested customer will click on it and direct the user to your website.

Adwords is one slice to an effective search engine marketing (SEM) campaign that can help bring traffic to the website and since you don’t pay for impressions it can  also aid in the branding and promotion of your website when you first launch.

While proper management of adwords takes a good investment in time and might be left better to a SEO professional, knowing which keywords you want to target can enable a team effort for a more effective ad campaign.

Google Analytics:

Any web company or SEO will be using a web analytics tool such as Google Analytics, Omniture Site Catalyst, Webtrends, Clicktracks, etc. to monitor your website as well as run usability testing. Google Analytics is a popular free tool that will allow you to know your website traffic, identify keywords, which content pages are popular and to identify the source of your traffic.

If you understand which reports to ask your SEO to provide you, it will facilitate decision making for additional SEO or web design services.