It could be argued that the consumer’s trust of a seller is a critical precursor to a transactional relationship in an eCommerce environment.  Therefore establishing a strong online presence will indirectly affect the attitude of the consumer to purchase your items or services. Listed below are seven SEO and Internet Marketing tips to make your Business-to-Consumer credibility worthwhile:

Article / Blog

All traffic generated from a blog is organic traffic resulting from high-quality content. This content is a less formal, open way to communicate with potential customers. A blog creates links easily back to the website if you decide to leave comments on others peoples blogs.

Blog Pro’s:

  • Blogging will help develop stronger relationships and loyalty with your clients by providing useful information on a regular basis
  • By enabling comments to your blog, you’ll have a free opportunity to get feedback and see how the readers react to your products, prices, etc.
  • The more you blog, the more traffic you get

Just remember, if you don’t keep your blog updated, the company might loose points on reputation.


A lot of great brands are creating awesome online videos to promote themselves. Companies create videos for several reasons:

  • In the hopes that it goes viral and encourages social behaviour
  • Illustrate their expertise in a certain area
  • So it can be used as a valuable resource on the web

This is about leveraging internet video to connect with casual viewers. One obvious place to put videos is Youtube, but you might also put your video in a blog where people can comment and leave feedback.

In order for videos to do the above points, vidoes should be:

  • easily accessible
  • easy to find
  • portable or embeddable
  • make sure it is well formatted to fit certain sites
  • shareable so that it gets out easily


With a podcast you should be aiming to give free, helpful information out. The podcast should be non-biased and in no way advertise your own business. It should be fairly short and provide a brief, informational piece of news. All you need for a Podcast are a computer, microphone, audio recording and editing software like Audacity and a place to serve the MP3 files. Creativity also helps!

Ezine Articles

Ezine articles submission is another great way to show off your expertise on the web. Ezine Articles get over one-million visitors per day and have a range of topics from Business, Computer and Technology to Arts and Entertainment. Writing enough quality articles will get you the status of being an Expert Author and and give you mass levels of exposure on the web.

Press Release

Make your news “newsworthy”, a press release is not a sales advertisement. I once read somewhere that a press release should answer all of the “W” questions (who, what, where, when and why), and sometimes “how.” Your purpose in writing it is twofold: to provide your customers with useful and relevant information about your organization, product or service and to get your name out.

Domain Name

If your domain name is hard to remember you might want to think about going with something else. Also, if you plan to go international, make sure your name doesn’t mean something crude in another language! A bad name could really harm business.

A domain name should fit the following criteria:

  • Memorable
  • Short and sweet
  • A good extension (.com,, .de)
  • Easy spelling
  • Unique

User Reviews

I just recently read that user reviews do affect your SEO. If you have a seriously awesome product or service, than take advantage of your happy customers and have them write reviews for you on Google. This is the most important kind of consumer credibility that is out there!