It seems not a day goes by where we don’t hear the word SEO, AKA Search Engine Optimisation. While some SEO agencies will definitely help jump-start your company, in half of the cases they are a just a franchise of bulk vendors who will not have a clue about your company’s business strategy. These generic agencies will not take into account who your competitors are and go straight to link building and the usual run of the mill stuff.

Even though we are a digital marketing company ourselves, we still get bombarded daily with SEO scams. We have seen one agency advertising their services for a minimum of £1000 p/month, ah, excuse me?  We advertise our services for £250/month and this includes ongoing website management. The topper is that they give a guarantee. Beware!

Nobody can give a Google Page One guarantee!

Nobody should give a Google Page One guarantee!

Most people think they can understand Google’s algorithms but Google penalizes everybody equally. For example, even multi-million dollar American retailer JC Penney was penalized for using deceptive Marketing techniques.

“Someone paid to have thousands of links placed on hundreds of sites scattered around the Web, all of which lead directly to”.
– New York Times

It turns out that JC Penney didn’t even know what their SEO company was doing for them! Ignorance is bliss until you lose your liberty over it.

So, enough of the bad talk. The good news is that getting an SEO for your business can be, and many times is, a wonderful thing. As a business owner however you need to educate yourself on what your SEO company is doing for you. Ask questions. Inform yourself. Especially with the new Google Panda update, the rules of the game have changed, for your good. Ask your SEO company to explain to you in two minutes what they will be doing. If they can’t give you a logical and constructed answer, go somewhere else.

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Just remember, no one can guarantee a number one spot on Google.