Integrated Dentalcare: An Edinburgh based cosmetic dentist and growing business, Integrated Dentalcare provides friendly and top quality dental treatments, implants, teeth whitening and other dental services using state-of-the-art technologies. They are the only dental clinic in Scotland and part of a small worldwide group to be able to offer waterlaser dentistry.




Integrated Dentalcare had employed a top SEO agency from Edinburgh to optimise and market their website, but got very little results. They didn’t even get periodic reports on what SEO activities were being done.


In 2009, Integrated Dentalcare approached Optimise Web in order build up google rankings and get found on the first page of Google search results. After the initial free consultation and advice session, Optimise Web recommended that before doing any SEO work, the dentistry needed to revamp the code and content of their website. No further discussion pursued.

One year later Optimise Web did a bit of research and ran some tests on the Integrated Dentalcare website and found that their search ranking and site quality had not improved at all. Optimise Web again recommended to refurbish the website, which actually costed much less than monthly SEO costs. Thus began the project to revamp the Integrated Dentalcare website from unproductive to bullet-proof.

Optimise Web undertook extensive market and keyword research for the dental market and made sure the website was fit to communicate Integrated Dentacare’s business ethos. As a result the look and feel of the website was altered into modern and professional. The framework of the website was strengthened and within three to four months the website got ranked high in Google search results. Phone calls and enquiries to the practice have increased and Integrated Dentalcare is finally making a name for themselves on the web.

Integrated Dentalcare now appears on Google page one for the following keywords in the Edinburgh region:

General Dentalcare, Affordable Dentistry, Mercury Free Dentistry, Decay Detection, Orthodontist, Dental Extraction, Family Dentistry, Orthodontics, Wisdom Tooth Extraction, Painless Laser Dentistry, Emergency Dentist, Dental Implants and many other words!


Following the success of the website revamp project, Integrated Dentalcare has now appointed Optimise Web as their digital marketing agency.

After employing a top Edinburgh website SEO company and wasting much time and money, we were fortunate enough to take the opportunity to work with Sid and his team at Optimise Web. Through Sid’s hard work, research and perseverance now anyone on the internet can easily find out about the innovative technologies we offer at our dental practice. Optimise web have revamped and optimized our website such that within the space of one year, where we may receive one hit by accident we are receiving regular hits, many of which turn into enquiries. This dedication has followed through with Kristina and the other members. They take a genuine interest in the progress of the website and regularly come up with interesting new ideas to improve the user experience and our visibility. It’s a shame we wasted a year before deciding to work with them. – Neeraj Puri, Dentist, Integrated Dentalcare