People typically consider SEO content writing as the process of tactically placing certain keywords in your website landing pages and blogs. However, what some might forget is that it goes beyond just words. SEO content writing is also about the process of choosing topics, structuring articles, and writing content intend to rank valuable keywords. 

Please read on to discover our eight top tips used to create engaging and convert readers into customers. 

Know who you’re writing for 

Before you begin start creating content, you must know who your target audience is, explain how you are offering a solution to a problem and what they want from you. 

If you’re in the early stages of your business, or want to create a more tailored marketing approach, create marketing personas to help you identify ideal customers that will be used to provide a framework for your content.  This exercise will able allow you get a clear picture of who your prospects. 

Consider the customer journey 

For your content to make the greatest impact, your writing should align with where your customers are in the sales funnel. 

Firstly, you’ll want to understand their intent, as this will help you create and deliver the most useful material possible. You have to write content based on where the reader is in their customer journey. For example, you can’t write the same content for someone who has in interest in your brand with no intention to buy, or someone who is a current customer. 

If you write content based on this, it will increase the value of your content as well as boost your chances for conversions. 


Make your audience a promise 

You’ve identified your target audience, where they are in the sales funnel and the type of content these customers are looking for – so what’s next? 

If you are there for them to help solve a problem, you need to reassure them and make a promise by following the process below: 

  • Find out the service or product you can do really well that will alleviate your prospects’ pain and set you apart from the competition. 
  • Explain how can fill this need and improve their current situation. 
  • Deliver a specific message that clearly showcase the product you can provide, the benefit it will bring and how you’ll achieve their goal. 

As long as you can live up to this promise, you can boost conversion and earn loyal customers. 

Let’s think about more than just text 

Break up the monotony of your copy by separating your content into digestible text blocks. 

Limit text to brief paragraphs frequently separated by line breaks. 

White space around text gives readers a sense of relief and is easier on their eyes.

Guide your audience through your copy and break up the monotony of text boxes with:

  • Headers.
  • Subheaders.
  • Lists (numbered and bulleted).
  • Italic/bold text.

    Think about your reader’s level of awareness 

Each user that visits your website will have different level of awareness about their search. 

  • Unaware: There’s a problem?
  • Problem aware: I know my problem, but what can I do about it?
  • Solution aware: I know my problem, and I know the solution. Can you help me?
  • Product aware: I know what you offer, but I can’t decide if it’s right for me.
  • Most aware: I know what you’ve got, and I’m ready to buy…if the price is right.

Put effort into your intro

One of the most fundamental aspects of creating content that converts is a solid introduction. Remember this is the first thing customers or prospects will read so you want to grab the readers’ attention right away.

If you implement the following, we’re sure you can make your content shine:

  • Try to limit one line to your opening: this way, you can better evaluate whether it’s powerful enough to compel readers to continue.
  • Proof-read and edit: always make sure to have an editing eye and remove unnecessary content, allowing you to streamline the information in a direct, concise way that delivers value.
  • Tell the reader why they should care: The introduction ought to tell your visitor why they should continue to read the rest of your content.

Drive results through actionable copy

The aim of your copy should be to have an immediate, pointed way to elicit a specific response from your reader.

You will want to drive them to your main call to actions eg subscribe, register, check out or contact your brand.

Actionable copy gives direct commands using action verbs.

This should be written in second-person, with an active voice and present tense so that the message talks to the reader, rather than about them.

Finish your content with powerful closing sentences 

You want to ensure that you complete your content with purpose, this is your last opportunity for you to inspire your reader and drive them to take action.

Use your final sentences to drive home your main point.

Ask questions and leave them with a memorable image.

No matter how you decide, look ahead to the future and encourage your to do the same.

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