These days retailers in the UK are not only conducting business on the web as a way to expand and boost profits but also converting their existing sites into a more fully-automated, user friendly site. If you are a small to mid-size retail company and currently operate your business online, you might be outgrowing your first online system.  The next logical question is “what is the best solution to take my retail business to the next level of being a fully integrated online enterprise?”

The retail companies that we work with have all reached their maximum potential by using a software solution called Magento. Magento is actually the fastest growing eCommerce Platform on the planet. If you don’t believe us then take a look at the statistics – Google Insights reveals that the word “Magento” actually replaced the word “eCommerce” in 2009!



With over 80,000 merchants worldwide, Magento offers eCommerce and mobile-commerce products for enterprise and mid-sized businesses.  Magento, as its very flexible, has more than 3,500 different add-ons for improving efficiency of your e-business as well as Magento functionality. – Magento Linkedin profile

If you think that you might fit this business profile, please watch Magento’s promotional video below and consider Magento as a possible solution to meet your business needs. If you then decide you would like to enhance your online sales using Magento, feel free to contact us. We are Magento Experts and provide Magento hosting and development, eCommerce strategy, Magento design and development as well as usability testing. We are happy to speak to you – even for any advice or initial consultation.

We wish you success!